A huge thank you to this years Christmas Fair committee, who really wanted to deliver some festive fun to the kids, their families and the community this year.

Each team member has gone above and beyond, from weekly meetings, lugging boxes in/out of the FOCS shed and managing quarantine schedules to communicating with the school, businesses, parents and sending/answering committee What's App messages at crazy hours of the morning or night... its been fun!


While everyone has been involved in all tasks and decisions along the journey, these are the committee members and some of the specific tasks they have being instrumental in making happen.

Hannah Cooper - Year 2 and Reception parent and committee leader. She's guided, advised, liaised and championed throughout, to ensure the whole event was so much more than we hoped it would be. Along with whipping together so many of our amazing business donations, including:  negotiating with Whatley Manor, finding us a Cornish holiday and so much more.

Lucy Keefe - Year 3 and 5 parent, whose moments of creativity and plenty of spare time has built and continued to maintain the website, as well as some of the other creative bits like posters and newsletters. She's also sat at the end of the FOCS Christmas email account responding to the auction bids and enjoying the competition pictures.

Sarah Horton - Year 5 parent, whose connections and communication throughout have been invaluable for all. Along with her event organisation, whipping up a great fun treasure hunt weekend, complete with refreshments stand and convincing Father Christmas to visit the village.

Katie White - Year 5 parent and all round amazing team member getting involved, supporting and decision making whenever things needed doing. As well as Jazzy bags coordinator, kids competition organiser, she even has a magical elf hat.

Carolyn Dow - Reception parent, it's been great to have a new parent to school be so involved in the Christmas fair, supporting activities whenever needed, making relentless phone calls for business donations and seamlessly pulling together the Christmas card fundraiser that started the whole Christmas Fair.

Special thanks go to... 

Sara Ashdown for her involvement and contributions along the journey

Ben Lord who made his role as key liaison officer between us and the North Pole so memorable.

The Buxtons for accepting our request to hold a quiz night and for lending us their wheels.

Mr John, Mrs Darker, Mrs Lee and all the teachers who supported the committees crazy ideas and demands throughout.

Class reps for passing on all the messages and helping out when back up was needed.