For new parents you may want to know what the jazzy bag and the present room request is, here's all you need to know...

What are jazzy bags?

Jazzy bags are paper bags which we send home with the children. We ask the children to decorate the outside of the bag, include a joke and fill the bag with bits and pieces other kids would like - a bit like a party bag. The bags will then be brought back to school and sold at the Crudwell Christmas Carol for £1 each. They are really popular and sell out really quickly! 

Ideas on what to fill them with: Stationary, sweets, puzzle books, bouncy balls, small toys... that kind of thing.

Paper bags will be sent home for decoration on Friday 26th November, we ask for them to be returned to school by the 8th December. They will be on sale in school on the 11th Dec.


What is the present room?

During the Crudwell Christmas Carol, we will have a Present Room - a Christmas shopping opportunity for the children to buy a gift for their parents and carers. These gifts will be wrapped by our expert wrapping team, so the gift can be a nice surprise ready to go under the tree. 

The kids love the present room and to fill it with lots of great choices we do ask parents to donate the gifts in advance. We'll be collecting donations in the playground from the w/c 29th November until the 8th December. 

We do ask that any gifts are suitable to sell, so nothing that has already been used, and please consider donating gifts for Dads as well and Mums. All gifts on the day will be priced from £2 upwards.