Kids Competition

Where in the world is Sparkle?

Where in the world is Santa_.jpg

Prize: Chocolate goodie stocking

Sparkle the reindeer is playing hide and seek with the other reindeers, having some fun before Christmas Eve, but she is so good at hiding where in the world has she gone?


Is she hiding amongst the Rocky Mountains in Canada, peaking out from behind the Sydney Opera House in Australia, or on a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean ?

Let us know where you think she is by choosing a coordinate, for example J7 would be the coordinate for England, K2 would be South Africa. 

Where in the world is Sparkle? (Pop your 3 guesses all in this 1 entry form)
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Rudolph is looking for Sparkle too

For Crudwell Primary School children and free to enter, children can have up to 3 guesses. If we have more than one winning guess, names will be put in a hat and a winner pulled at random. Entry closes on Tuesday 15th December at 9am. The winner will be announced on the website the same day.